+Ways To Remember Numbers & Dates+

Trying Out The Methods

Now use one or more of the mnemonic techniques on this page to remember some real dates. In the lis t below, first complete the details of the personel dates, then memories thr list.Test yourself the next day.

1. Day and time next week when you are metting a friend:

2. Your mother’s year of birth:

3. Your aunt’s/niece’s birthday:

4. The page number of your place in the book you are reading:

5. The postcode of someone you send a postcard to on holiday:

6. The year of the russian revolution: 1917

7. Execution of Mary Queen of Scots: 1587:

8. The fall of  Rome : 476

9. End of World War II in Europe : 8 May 1945

10. Year of first manned space flight : 1961

Method for remembering dates are helpful, but nothing works 100 per cent of the time.

All memory methods take practice an may fail if you don’t give them your full attention.

When you first try out these methods, keep a written list of your appoinments, just in case.


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